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Ways to improve marketing automation for E commerce

Marketing automation can do more with email than send mass deployments and track clicks.Marketing automation will integrate email along with your client management platform to form relevant campaigns. But the most important feature for eCommerce merchants is to sync a visitor’s on-site behavior, such as products viewed, to that individual’s profile in your CRM. Thus selling automation permits merchants to form segments supported, say, purchase history and recently viewed products.On-site behavior with clean, reliable data can dramatically...

Terminal command that every web developer should know

The most important productivity tools in a developer's area are the terminal command. If you have Mastered in it then you can have a very positive effect on your workflow. Some of them are mentioned below :Curl :Curl is a command line tool for creating requests over HTTP(s), FTP and dozens of alternative protocols. It can download files, check response headers, and freely access remote data.Tree:A tree may be a small command line utility that shows...